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    Don’t Blame the Marketers

    In a society of abundance, why are we envious? Why do we always want more?  Read More...

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    Two Generations of Love

    The essence of what I learned is that in business you must be human. It’s not enough to be an entrepreneur or a maker or creator; you must care about what you do and for whom you do it.  Read More...

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    Leslie Bianco: Embracing Prayer

    How do we guide one another if we’re all following the same leader, the One who called us to life and to serve Him through our jobs and vocations? I think you know the answer.  Read More...

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    Ambassadors, Marketers, and Vessels

    The beauty of being connected by faith is the unanticipated connections God makes between us when we least expect them. God’s providence makes it clear there are no chance meetings, which is how I met consultant and author Dr. Shelette Stewart.  Read More...

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    Ned Bustard: Made to be a Maker

    Who are you created to be? What were you created to do? Do you relentlessly and freely pursue your calling with the talents and gifts you have been given?  Read More...

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