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    Great Questions, Thoughtful Answers

    Listen as Glenn Mertz of WHKW Radio and Brian Sooy explore questions about work, faith, culture, and worship.  Read More...

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    Good Questions, Lousy Answers

    I find joy in serving. Does it have to be in ministry? Will I be blessed more if I serve in ministry? Will my joy be greater?  Read More...

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    Our Culture of Contradictions

    We cling tightly to that we think we own, forgetting we’re stewards of our blessings and ambassadors for Christ.  Read More...

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    The ROI of Obedience

    We have been conditioned to recognize growth as the only indicator of success. Sales growth. Employee growth. Huge ROI.  Read More...

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    In the Desert the Sun Shines Brightest

    Moses, John, Jesus — all had desert experiences. Paul was shipwrecked, Joseph's brothers left him for dead.When God wants our attention, he often chooses to isolate us—either through our choices or by his design—either way; we must seek his direction and find comfort solely in him when this occurs.I hope you're not expecting anything spiritually profound. Year's end is a time of reflection.   Read More...

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