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    Looking in the Wrong Place

    On the morning Christ arose from the dead, the angels who waited at the tomb asked the women who came to anoint Christ one simple question.  Read More...

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    The Elephant in the Room

    Every day brings challenges. Some disguise themselves as blessings, and we marvel at God’s providence as we manage them.  Read More...

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    Ned Bustard: Embracing Beauty

    If you're fortunate to know a creative individual is a reader and reflects deeply upon their relationship with Jesus Christ, you will have found someone who will challenge your thinking and show you a way to look the world, your work, and faith through the lenses of beauty and truth.  Read More...

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    Makoto Fujimura: Transcending Time and Anchoring Culture

    From Culture Care to the Golden Sea and The Four Holy Gospels, Makoto Fujimura’s body of work transcends time and anchors culture. Add faith and grace to truth and beauty, and his work embodies that which makes art, life, and faith full of richness and meaning.  Read More...

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    The Hazards of Distraction

    We cannot risk the hazards of distraction: the tendency to drift off course when our eyes are focused on minutiae, or to miss details when we are too focused on the big picture.  Read More...

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