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3 Ways to Prepare for Success

Leaders must read, but what you read makes more difference than how much you read.

What if you were to commit to spending an equal (or greater) time in the Bible for the new year, with the goal of understanding how your work and your business are part of a greater purpose?

What if you approached the new year with a different perspective, and realigned your approach to success and accomplishment as Jesus Christ would have? (Not that you or I can fully understand Christ’s thoughts—yet through the Bible we do have a reliable guide).

If you’re an entrepreneurial thinker, you’re wired for risk. You’re fully committed, you’re all in. Your enterprise is the result of the successful alignment of your purpose, passion, and desire for profit.

You do desire profit, correct? Otherwise you just have a hobby.

With an eye toward purpose, reframe your measure of success:

  • To be successful is to be yielded to God, and acknowledge that your accomplishments are the result of yielding to what God has chosen to do through you.
  • Set goals that are aligned with what you understand God’s purpose to be for you.
  • Dream big, plan accordingly, act boldly. Your business and its profits can help fund God’s purpose. Be ready should the blessing of success and prosperity come your way.

Reconsider your goals and recognize that your work is part of a bigger picture.

  • Recognize that your work (and your business) are part of God’s larger plan.
  • In Deep Influence, TJ Addington states, “The stronger our gifting, the more credit we owe our Creator, by whom we were created “anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago” (Ephesians ‪2:10, NLT).”
  • Pray strategically and intentionally. As Alan Fadling writes in An Unhurried Life, “… To what degree do I see prayer as a strategic activity of leaders in general and of my leadership responsibilities in particular?”

Renew your understanding of readiness: Always be ready.  

There are two important perspectives to keep in mind about readiness:

  • We are often ready to move when God is not. God is preparing circumstances that require decision and action, but the time to act is not right now. Spend the time you’re waiting preparing for what you’re strategically praying about.
  • God is often ready to move when we are not. When you pray and prepare in anticipation of God’s answer, you’ll be ready when he is.
  • Remember that waiting doesn’t mean you’re sitting still.

Use the time that you are waiting to prepare yourself for when God calls you to action.

It is often the unexpected that God uses to get our attention. Sometimes it is tragedy; sometimes it is circumstances that are too closely aligned with our prayers to simply be coincidence.

My years as a Boy Scout trained me: be prepared.

My journal reminds me: Expect God. Anticipate opportunity.

Are you ready?

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