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    Breathe Deep

    Why does it seem as if time compresses and the pace of life quickens at year’s end? Why do we feel weary and exhausted at the dawn of a new year? We become frantic; deadlines of our own making threatening to undo us.   Read More...

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    Tempus Fugit

    How much is your time worth? If it’s as valuable as you think it is, why do you waste so much of it?  Read More...

  • Hakuna Matata

    In Italy, nativity scenes can be found everywhere — in shops, businesses, and of course churches. If you are vigilant, you’ll even find them tucked into window wells, behind iron bars. What I love about this nativity is that a child inserted a toy into the scene.   Read More...

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    Fish and Loaves

    When I shared with my wife that I would be presenting to a group of 15 at a leadership symposium, I must have sounded disappointed. I spend many hours preparing for speaking opportunities; 15 seemed like such a small group. For several years I’ve follow a path of writing and speaking as a business development, lead generation, and influence building strategy.   Read More...

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    Every Moment is Sacred

    We had just bowed our heads to pray, thanking God for the good and bad that had happened that day. I sensed movement as our server passed our table, turning and waiting behind a pole several feet away. As I said "Amen" and looked up, he returned with our drinks and said "I never want to interrupt a sacred moment." Without thinking too much of it, I replied "They're all sacred." He paused and acknowledged that fact.   Read More...

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