April is for Fools

There is a delicious irony in that Easter 2018 falls on April Fool’s Day.

May people claim Easter is based on a pagan holiday.

They miss the point: even if it was, Christ redeemed it.

In an attempt to be relevant to religion, HuffPo tried to explain why rabbits and Easter go together.

Two millennia ago, the conversations on Sunday morning may have felt like a practical joke. (These are paraphrased, of course).

Mary: “Where is Jesus?”
Angel: “He’s not here.”

Mary to disciples: “Jesus is alive!”
Disciples: “Riiiiiight.”

Millions of people still think Jesus is dead. If you search for proof that Christ is dead, you don’t find the answer you were expecting.

The people who are fooled are the ones who don’t believe the resurrection was a historic event.

Believers acknowledge that if the resurrection isn’t true, then we are the fools.

Therefore, being a fool is a matter of perspective.

In a completely unexpected development, Seth Godin finally ran out of ideas.

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