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Breathe Deep

Why does it seem as if time compresses and the pace of life quickens at year’s end?

Why do we feel weary and exhausted at the dawn of a new year?

We become frantic; deadlines of our own making threatening to undo us. The urgent supplants the important; everything seems as if it needs done at the same time; there is no room for white space.

White space is a design principle. It's the space around the objects on a page or in an environment. White space ultimately serves to draw attention to what matters.

When applied to life, white space is the time you allow for reflection, for dreaming, for thinking, for prayer and meditation. It's what happens between the activity of your life.

Our culture places an emphasis on doing. Activity is valued over planning, results over strategy.

What's needed is more white space. Space for dreamers and thinkers who are also doers.

In this new year, will you allow yourself to be enslaved to the tyranny of the urgent? Or will you allow yourself to sit back, close your eyes, and breathe deeply?

Your business or work is one part of your life. It is not who you are; it should not define who you are. God calls you to be his child and become more like Christ. Your business is a glorious opportunity to fulfill and express your calling in a way that in uniquely yours, and unique to his call upon your life.

God entered this world as a child. Mary held Jesus close, felt his breath on her skin, let his breath mingle with hers. The time for doing would be later. The time for being present was now. At that moment, there was white space.

Jesus spent 30 years in preparation for 3 years of intense and intentional living. He worked, he studied, he learned.He knew his purpose, he understood his calling. He saw the end; yet throughout his last three years left room for white space—to breathe, to pray, to rest—and to remind himself of what matters.

Where will you find your white space this year?

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