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Busy is not a Measure of Success

How many times have you been asked “How’s business? Are you busy?”

For me, it’s at least once a week. For a long time, my answer would be “Yes, busier than I need to be,” or something like that.

Now I’ve started to answer “Yes, I’m always busy — but the real question should be ‘Are you busy, and if so, are you profitable?’" Being busy without being profitable just means I have a hobby and not business.

We have become a culture that values activity over profit. We love to boast about how full our schedules are, or how little time we have as if the activity is a meaningful measure of success.

I’m sure you agree — and you’re not the only one. Valuing activity over profit is like savoring success without significance.

Profits are the results of intentional investment of time and resources. You cant have a serious discussion of God's economy or basic business economics without understanding this basic fact.

In any economy, you invest with an expectation of a profitable result. Many times the expectation of return involves the investment of the your most valuable asset. Consider John 3:16; the hidden treasure, or valuable pearl from Matthew 13. These verses and stories are cherished by the Christian faith and familiar to many through shared cultural literacy.

Ephesians 1 and 2 talk about God's immense riches of mercy and grace, assuring us that his investment of his most valuable possession his Son still left him with vast resources made infinitely greater by his sacrifice.

Investment involves risk, and risk is at the heart of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

So what does this have to do with our addiction to activity? What is your most valuable asset?

Albert Einstein recognized "The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest." The principle of compound interest applies to financial investing, but does it apply to relationships?. Not only will a financial investment increase over time, but an investment in people will also provide a return over time.

We frantically spend time networking, trying to see the right people. What if you made the most of every opportunity and every new relationship? The people whom you meet cycle in and out of your life; approach every new relationship as an opportunity to invest in that individual.

Calculated risk isn't a decision that can be made hastily. Yet we're so free with our time, as if we have an unlimited supply. We think we can waste time without considering how we injure eternity. We don’t calculate the impact of spending our time foolishly.

time is more valuable than moneyWe need to view our time and activity from the perspective of “managing our blessings,” instead of being overwhelmed. Where will you invest your time? What will you risk investing it in?

While earning money is important, in the long run investing in people involves the most risk, but carries the potential of the greatest return on your investment.

Time is your most valuable resource. You can always earn more money.

Where are you investing your time?

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