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Coloring Outside the Lines

Do you remember your first experience with coloring books? What is the one thing you were told to do?

“Color inside the lines.”

The lines in a coloring book, like the principles by which we live our lives, can guide us or bind us.

The lines bind us when we believe we must stay within their narrow confines; compartmentalizing the color and confining it within the space that someone else has defined.

The lines guide us when we see that they create form and structure that allow us to explore freely within their confines.

But what happens when there are no lines? What is possible when you free yourself from the constraints of conventional thinking and restrictions that others place upon you?

What are you free to do and whose permission do you need to express yourself outside of the lines?

As Francis A. Schaeffer noted in "Art and the Bible," “The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.”

You don't need permission. There are no lines. Even the crayons themselves can be used to create something new.

Don't be afraid. Be who you were created to be.

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