Don’t Settle

Even though the Bible commands us to be content with whatever we have (Philippians 4:11), that doesn’t mean we must be content, (or settle) for that which does not honor God.

Never be content:

  1. With being less than whom God calls you to be.
  2. With the status quo.
  3. For mediocrity in any form.
  4. With believing what other people think about you.
  5. With accepting what other people claim to be true until you verify it for yourself.
  6. By allowing others to lead when you are equipped and called to the task.
  7. With shifting blame instead of offering a solution.
  8. With thinking that something is impossible.
  9. With believing you’re not up to the task.
  10. With believing that your life has no impact.  Who you are and what you do matters to someone around you.  Live your impact every day.
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