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Focus on Opportunity

Lord, help me stay focused.

With many possibilities in your business and life to use your time, talent, and treasure, no wonder it is a challenge to stay focused.

Focus keeps you aligned: with your goals; your path; your mission.

Focus comes from having a clear purpose; keeping your eyes fixed on a clear vision of where you are going, avoiding the distraction of other good (even great) things that demand your attention.

My father often reminds me, “sometimes you must choose between best and best, not just better and best."

Focus is where your time and attention centers. You lose focus when we take your eyes off the goal you wish to attain; the prize you are hoping to gain.

The author of Hebrews encourages all of us to "Strip off every weight that slows us down… let us run with endurance."

How? By keeping your eyes on the prize—Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Asking Him to direct our steps; maintain our focus; guard our steps; protect our margins.

There are many possibilities of things that you can do to grow your business, expand your influence, and increase your opportunity. You can’t pursue every one of them. Possibility is the intersection of many roads; opportunity is the one you choose to take to get you to your destination.

You will lose focus if your eyes are on the finish than on the road before you. Strategy has to come before action; training before the race. Know what end you have in mind (write it down!), and focus your time and attention on what it will take to get you there.

In order to increase your opportunity, you must eliminate possibilities that keep you from staying focused on the things you do best. All things are possible; it’s opportunity that enables you to move toward the goal.

Without focus, possibilities become obstacles disguised as opportunity. You must eliminate possibilities that may be good to focus on the opportunities that are best for you and the vision you want to achieve.

Without focus, your endurance is unsustainable. When you become unfocused, you may not finish.

Do you want to finish? Eliminate possibilities to focus on life-changing opportunities.

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