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From Curiosity to Courage

Twenty years ago, I had the opportunity to choose between starting an agency or finding a job. With no job, no health insurance, (and a pregnant wife), the safe path would have been to seek security in a full-time position.

I never had in my wildest dreams considered myself as a business owner or entrepreneur. I was curious; could I pull it off?

The decision to launch out on my own was like a bungee cord jump: I was certain of the thrill, but not certain if the cord was short enough.

Not confident in either choice, my first few months were split between my rapidly growing business and a part-time professional position within a corporate environment.

Nine months later, curiosity won out and I chose the path of entrepreneurship. For you and me, entrepreneurship is a calling. Calling is inextricably linked to purpose.

The path to courage begins with curiosity; it is rarely straight but offers spectacular views of the highest peaks, and inspiring vistas from the lowest valleys. It is not the destination, but is the beginning of one segment of the journey.

Through my experience with Lifework Leadership, I’ve discovered the journey of entrepreneurship follows a path which mirrors the journey of Christ’s disciples:

Entrepreneurs begin with curiosity:

  • Wondering what God’s direction might be, and openness to searching for it.
  • Asking “What if?” and listening for the answers.
  • Moving beyond “how does this work?” to “why does this have to work that way?”
  • Asking yourself: “What is my calling?” God wants you to do something unique for His people and in this world through you, what does that look like?

Entrepreneurs respond to the challenge:

  • The challenge to follow a different path. 
  • The call from God to a different and better path that requires a change in direction.
  • Responding to the challenge of “follow me.”
  • Defining the problem to solve; returning to the status quo; not accepting things the way they are

Entrepreneurs seek clarity:

  • With clear understanding and awareness of the direction that God has revealed to you.
  • Seeing what could be: a solution to the problem you defined.
  • Having the focus and determination to aspire to the vision to which you're called or the mission that drives you.

Entrepreneurs proceed with confidence:

  • With unwavering belief that God's direction for you is the way you must follow.
  • With unwavering belief in your cause or idea, and the passion that drives you to work for it.

Entrepreneurs are sustained by courage:

  • Fearlessly obeying God’s direction for you as long as he requires.
  • Changing and adapting to make your vision a reality.
  • Seeking his will to achieve the impact he has called you to make.
  • Courage is found in fearless obedience, regardless of the consequences.

Courage flows from calling and is evidence of the character formed from fearless obedience. The world needs people like you: entrepreneurs, leaders; disrupters, change agents, and explorers. Counter-cultural revolutionaries.

You are courageous—not because of your calling—but because you believe the One who called you is greater than the challenge to which you are called.

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