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Great Questions, Thoughtful Answers

Listen as Glenn Mertz of WHKW Radio and Brian Sooy explore questions about work, faith, culture, and worship:

  • If you realized that the way in which you work is part of your ministry, would it change the way you work?
  • If the people whom you meet every day never have an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you are the only ambassador of Christ they will meet, how will that change how you serve, produce, and interact?
  • Do you believe your vocation and career is an opportunity to glorify God?
  • Can you glorify God in your workplace if you’re not permitted to share your faith?
  • How can you avoid the pitfalls of cultural hypersensitivity in the workplace?
  • What’s the role of faith in trust-building?
  • Do you realize you have the same resources to serve God as Christ did?
  • Discover the one word that makes a difference in how you practice your faith.
  • If our roles are to “plant and water,” who is responsible for the outcomes of our efforts?

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