How Long Must You Wait?

Trust is a tricky thing.  When I tell God I trust him, he will test that trust to develop my character. When I am praying for the needs of my family or business, in the circumstances where I need his answer the quickest, God seems to make me wait.

“Trust me,” he says. “I am guiding you along the best pathway for your life, I am watching over you.”

When I pray, I believe God hears my prayers, I trust him to answer, and I wait for when he declares the time is right.

He often appears to answer prayer when the need is the greatest, so he will be glorified the most by his timely answer to my need.

Ironically, when he answers, I often trust and pray less. When God answers a prayer I have two choices: Press forward in prayer, knowing I must continue to trust to receive his blessing; or relax, letting my guard down because my prayer was answered.

The lesson he continues to teach is that we cannot stop praying or trusting. There is a reason he tells us in 1 Thessalonians, “never stop praying.”

Trust, prayer, and waiting are all part of his beautiful process to make us more like Jesus.

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