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In the Wilderness to Wander or Worship?

If you are participating in a Bible reading plan, by this time of the year, you are somewhere near the end of 2 Kings.

With all the historical narrative, the Old Testament can become boring. What we must pay attention to is where God reveals his character, and when he is testing the character of his people.

The Lord left the nation of Israel in the wilderness, wandering because they would not obey. Near the end of 2 Kings, he removed Israel from his presence because they would not worship God alone.

“They worshiped worthless idols, so they became worthless themselves “ — 2 Kings 17:16

When we worship worthless things, the story we tell ourselves is that these things will make us feel better, these objects of worship will give meaning to our lives, that somehow we’ll find fulfillment in them.

What gives you meaning? Financial success, respect, influence, adulation?

  • What if you never achieve your goal of financial success?
  • What if you never receive the respect you crave?
  • What if the dreams you have for wider influence never come true?
  • What if your presence in front of people leaves you empty?

Worthless things do not give you meaning.

Your Life is a Living Sacrifice

Worship often required a sacrifice.

When we worship God, we tell ourselves a story about where we find our meaning and what matters most to us. Are you willing to offer your life as a living and holy sacrifice as Paul commands in Romans 12:1?

We worship a worthy God, so we become worthy ourselves.

When we only worship God — through music, work, or service — in every moment with our bodies and activity, we acknowledge that God alone is worthy of our worship and that we have worth because we worship the one who created us in his image.

In Matthew 4, we read how Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted. Jesus responded to the temptations by fasting and proclaiming God as the only God to serve and worship.

If you feel like you’re in a wilderness right now, are you wandering or worshipping?

Is God revealing his character to you, and is your character being tested?

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