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Jesus, the Extraordinary Strategist

Have you ever thought about who Jesus Christ would be as a business leader? During your weekly study, your devotions, and your Sunday worship you focus on him as the Messiah, the son of God, the Savior, or the Lord of your life.

If Fast Company or Inc. wrote an article about him, what words would they use to describe him?

Would you model your leadership practices or business approach on who he is?

In most Bible translations, Isaiah 9:6 declares “He (Jesus) will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Some translations include a comma after the word “wonderful.”

The NET Bible translation calls him an “extraordinary strategist,” a term referring to his role as king, and a king’s ability to devise military strategy. (Isaiah 9:6)

A counselor can be an advisor or a strategist— one who offers wise guidance for both current circumstances and future planning.

A wise strategist, as Stephen Covey stated, “Begins with the end in mind.”

Simply based on the prophecies of his birth and who the Bible reveals him to be, consider:

  • Jesus is a challenger: Even before his birth, it was foretold that Jesus would not only disrupt the leadership structures of both the Jewish and Gentile world, but by his very nature, call you and me to change who we follow and how we lead.
  • Jesus is a catalyst: His words inspire others not only to follow, but to devotion—laying down their lives for his cause and purpose of reconciliation.
  • Jesus is a change agent: By declaring himself “the way, the truth, and the life,” he immediately transforms how you and I can have a relationship with God.
  • Jesus is a change maker: Not only did he found the longest sustained movement in history, he is the movement.

The trouble with trying to understand Jesus in this way is that he is so much more than this.

He is God and he was a man. He disrupted the way in which we think of God by entering history as a child and becoming like us. He is our Lord, and yet we can become his brothers and sisters. Such a mystery!

Jesus wants to be familiar to us, yet approach him with the wonder of his mystery. We can think of him as our wonderful counselor or an extraordinary strategist. His end? The transformation of your life and the reconciliation of the world.

Will you seek and follow his wise counsel in the new year?

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