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    The Big Leap Into the Entrepreneur Life

    Entrepreneurship culture is enamored with fast growth. Do you dive in, wade in, or running fast and furiously take a wild leap of faith into the arms of the God who cares?  Read More...

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    Walking in the Absence of Control

    What happens when you receive a call that leads to a change in your calling and vocation? In the second part of our conversation with John Rivers, CEO of 4 Rivers Smokehouse, learn how faith is being able to walk in the absence of insight, knowledge of the future, and control.  Read More...

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    Peace, Love, and Barbecue: A Conversation with John Rivers, Part One

    In the south, barbecue is as common as take-out pizza in a college town. 4 Rivers Smokehouse is different—the barbecue is delicious; what makes it different is its mission and the man who founded it as his “barbecue ministry” in 2004, when he hosted a cookout fundraiser to support a local family whose young daughter was battling cancer.  Read More...

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    Reimagining Work: A conversation with Todd Greer

    Somewhere in the community that is The Exchange in Mobile, Alabama is an individual with a title that hints at someone who makes things happen: Chief Catalyst.  Read More...

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    A Theology of Work, Part Two

    The opportunity to work is a gift from God, and your work matters to him.  Are you flourishing at what you do?  Read More...

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