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    Good Questions, Lousy Answers

    I find joy in serving. Does it have to be in ministry? Will I be blessed more if I serve in ministry? Will my joy be greater?  Read More...

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    Resting When You Are Wired for Work

    “It’s hard to rest when you’re wired for work.” Are you always restless, always striving, always planning, always moving? To what end? Does the noise created by the activity in your life threaten to drown out your voice when you cry out to God?  Read More...

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    The Daily Grind of Good Work

    Don’t let the daily grind grind you down.  Savor a moment to “see good” in your labor.  It is the gift of God!  Read More...

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    Endurance and Opportunity

    Living a life of faith and being an entrepreneur both require a similar approach: Enduring through trials and triumphs; keeping our eye on the prize that we work to attain.  Read More...

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    Focus on Opportunity

    With many possibilities in your business and life to use your time, talent, and treasure, learn how to embrace opportunity and stay focused.  Read More...

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