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New Wine in New Wineskins

When was the last time you drank out of a wine skin?

For me, it was perhaps three decades ago, if ever.

Recently my friend Sam, a business coach and man of faith, said to me "Think beyond this presentation. Think new wine skin to launch you into His new chapter He has for you."

Sam’s encouragement was profound. It took me a few days of reflection to realize what he meant.

In my journey to redefine the purpose of my creative agency, and to clearly define how we serve our clients, I had been attempting to pour my new thinking, process, and framework into the old way of how I used to communicate why we’re different than other creative firms.

Even my wife, my business partner and best friend of 30 plus years, didn’t fully understand what we do until I simplified it. She saw and experienced what we did, but wasn’t clear on why and how our business is different.

Finally, a breakthrough. I think of it as a moment of clarity.

My "new wine” is found upon a book I’ve written, articulating a framework for branding, marketing, and audience engagement. Our “old wine” was simply an unfocused and confusing list of tactics that every other creative firm offers.

If you, as an entrepreneur, have decided to reinvent yourself or your business, you can’t position the new organization in the framework of the old. New purpose and perspective requires a completely new way of thinking and practice.

In the same way, when as a believer in Christ, we can’t have new thoughts, new values, and new behaviors inside our old lifestyle.

New wine is stored in new wineskins because as the wine ferments, it will stretch the wineskin; an old, dry wineskin would burst.

We need to throw out the old, and make whatever sacrifices necessary so that the new wine can achieve its rich fullness in a new wineskin.

It’s obvious, but it’s not always easy. We spend years developing ways of thinking that are woven into every aspect of our lives. Yet Paul reminds you and me in Romans 12:2 to “Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think."

It’s not even my “new wine.” When I adopt God’s way of thinking and let Christ control my thoughts, not only for the way in which I live—but also in how I manage my business and entrepreneurial endeavor—it pleases Him.

Lord, remind me today to think about the new life you’ve given me and to act and live in a manner that pleases you. Refresh me as I drink deeply from your truth, and to realize that the life you want for me won’t fit into my old ways of thinking, lifestyle, or way I manage the business you’ve given me.

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