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Our Culture of Contradictions

Looking back:

  • We spend thousands on gifts to celebrate a holiday named after Christ, but have to think twice before giving a small financial gift that will change a life.
  • We binge watch Netflix, but complain when the worship service runs long.
  • We gladly commit to two-year contracts and monthly entertainment subscriptions, but find it difficult to support a missionary for an year or more.
  • We talk about values but allow our finances to follow our desires. What then do we truly value?
  • We tell our kids lies about Santa, but are uncomfortable sharing truth about Jesus.

Looking forward:

  • We complain about our cable bills, but only because the amount is higher than our tithe.
  • We give our family the best we can afford but only give what’s good enough to Christ. 
  • We find it inconvenient to find time to volunteer, but will spend hours on hobbies that entertain but don’t enlighten.
  • We buy more because we never have enough, and forget that we should be content with what we have.

We live in a culture of contradictions.

When we look forward, the future is often unclear.

When we reflect, what we now know is never clearer.

We cling tightly to that we think we own, forgetting we’re stewards of our blessings and ambassadors for Christ.

Don’t ever wait for new year to make things different. 

I’m starting now. Will you join me?

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