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Random Thoughts from February

Some thoughts from what I've been listening to and reading:

  • Are you still humble, hungry, and smart? I say “still” because we all change and must continue to cultivate these qualities. Ask a friend or trusted colleague who isn’t afraid to be candid with you. Patrick Lencioni’s latest book, “The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues,” is a parable about how one person cultivates these virtues.
  • Are you fishing on the right side of the boat? Jesus challenged Peter twice about where he should be fishing: once in deeper water than what Peter was accustomed to or comfortable with. The second time was after Jesus’ resurrection, when Jesus told him to fish on the other side of his boat. Think about it. There’s not much difference between the two sides, but Peter’s success when he followed Jesus’ guidance was profound. A side note: this is the only section of the Bible where you can search for the word “breakfast” and find your result.
  • How are you treating your customers? I’ve heard several stories over the last few weeks about people who no longer attend church because leaders stopped caring for them as people because programs were more important. We’re ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace, it is critical that we do better in our businesses. When we understand how our organization is perceived and its brand personality, we better understand how our customers feel.

Don’t be ordinary. Be awesome.

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