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Resting, Reflecting, Rebuilding, Renewing

I love photos that become metaphors for my life, like this one of automobile tail lights, blurred as the cars roll by.

It’s August. With Midwest evenings growing darker and a busy travel schedule ahead, I'm reflecting on what it means to rest, what I've had to rebuild, and grateful for opportunities that leave me renewed.

Recognizing when it’s time to rebuild:

As a Macintosh user, I’m accustomed to relatively trouble-free operation of my computer. When one critical piece of software stopped working and technical support was unable to help, I made the choice to rebuild my user account from scratch. I created a new account, transferred my documents, and one week later everything is working better than before. 

I had to choose to rebuild or work within the current circumstances. The process was frustrating (my wife will concur). 

Looking back, it was time to rebuild. My user account was an accumulation of decades of software remnants and preference files. Now that they are gone, I can move on with fewer distractions and new focus on my work.

Appreciating the circumstances that bring renewal:

Let’s be honest: Work can be isolating (even if you’re on a team). We all yearn for recognition, respect, and affirmation — some more than others.

As I reflect upon the words of affirmation I receive, I am reminded that my words also give affirmation to those with whom I work and lead. 

A client spoke highly of one of my team: “I enjoy working with him. He isn’t cranky like so many other people.” (Of course, we only hire nice people). It was an odd compliment, but one I was certain to pass along.

How you treat your colleagues and clients will renew them and affirm them. Be conscious of your responsibility.

Perhaps you feel the same way. Upon what are you reflecting. how are you resting, where are you rebuilding, and what is being renewed in your life?

What’s next?

  • I’m going to explore this idea: “You’re a person, not a personal brand.” If you’ve bought into the myth of personal branding, it’s time to break the mold culture has forced you into.
  • Watch for the Qara series, four EntreWorship articles that were lengthened for the Qara blog. EntreWorship will publish them as an ebook. You can read them here.
  • I’m exploring options for rebuilding EntreWorship on a new platform toward year’s end.
  • We’ll publish more Founders interviews and a few articles from guest authors, who are writing their new articles as you read this. Right?
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