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The Halfway Point

I had prayed before this trip that God would direct my steps, expand my influence, and make me aware of and open to those whom I would be interacting with. I had no expectations, but simply trusted that He would be at work, and I needed to be aware and watching.

I was traveling to meet with a roundtable of social sector leaders, to guide them in a discussion of how to better communicate their organization’s value and relevance.

On the flight, eyes shut, I felt it. A slight sense of deceleration, a change in the rush of the air outside the cabin, the tempo of the engines slowing.

There comes a time in every flight when the engines slow, the sound of the air changes, and you know—you're beginning the descent.

You can hear it, you can feel it—and once you're familiar with it,—you anticipate the captain's announcement. It's as if you're in tune with the flight at that very moment, and then you relax. You know you’re close to arriving at your destination.

To me, flight is magical. From those who orchestrate the path of and pilot the plane to the dynamics of flight, we trust in a system we cannot completely see. We’re nonchalant as we board the plane, buckle up, and trust in those whom we cannot see to guide our journey, and in the Bernoulli Principle that enables the plane to fly.

The pilots are in tune with the airplane; the airplane is in tune with the laws of physics. Altogether they’re guided by the air traffic control system and, Lord willing, we arrive safely at our intended destination.

At some point in every journey there is a halfway point. When we fly, we know how much further we have to travel, and it we’re able to anticipate our arrival. On many flights, it’s now possible to visualize it on a monitor.

It’s not so simple with life. As fleeting as life may seem, we never know how long our journey will be. We don’t know when we’ll arrive at any particular point in the journey, or when the halfway point will be. But if we’re in tune with the Lord, the unseen yet ever-present one who wants to guide our journey, we’ll be at the right time and in the right place that he’s planned for us.

What does that realization mean for your business? What does it signify for your priorities?

Does it change how you will trust in the unseen yet real presence of God, and your determination to seek His will in all you do?

I want my heart to always be that in tune with God’s path for my life. Do you?

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