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The ROI of Obedience

We have been conditioned to recognize growth as the only indicator of success. Sales growth. Employee growth. Huge ROI.

Is it just me, or does every business magazine set a standard to which we cannot attain? We are immersed in a culture that sets the level of expectations higher than most of us can reach.

If you listen to those voices long enough, you begin to believe them. You carry their baggage with you, and the elusive promise of false expectations slow you down.

Do you ever wonder to yourself, “Why do I struggle so much and work so hard for what seems to be so little?” Have you been caught up in the lie that you deserve to succeed?

You have (or had) a dream, but it's not working out the way you planned.

Where’s God’s plan for you in that dream?

In Genesis, Joseph’s life wasn't working out the way he may have imagined. Abandoned, accused, and imprisoned, he sought God's best for others, even while imprisoned: “Interpreting dreams is God's business,” Joseph replied (to a fellow prisoner who shared his dream). ”Go ahead and tell me your dreams.” (Genesis 40).

Your company or cause may not be world-changing, but that doesn't mean that you don't make a significant impact on the people you serve.

Instead of obsessing over changing the world, what if you focused on changing the future and obsessed over serving your customers with excellence?

Whom do you serve? What are their needs? How will it change their lives if they succeed?

What if your measure of attainment became your client’s success, and not yours?

If money is your only indicator of success, you’re only looking at part of the picture. You can make a measurable impact within your sphere of influence.

It’s OK to build a firm that your customers and clients know and love, that never seeks glory for itself.

Jesus was aware of this truth. He understood the allure of the world, choosing at every step to follow and obey our heavenly Father, especially during his desert experience.

Obedience is a simple choice you can make every day. Obedience is an investment in your future that God directs with your best interest in mind.

What will you change to stop chasing a hope which you may never attain? How must you change the way you think to change deeply ingrained behaviors?

Ever day, manage your expectations:

  • What God expects of you — obey
  • What you expect of yourself — pursue
  • What you believe others expect of you — let go
  • Trust that what God calls you to do, He will equip you for.

Trust in God so you may walk without fear, in courage and confidence.

Obey God so you may live without shame and be pleasing to him.

The businesses that are the healthiest and flourish chase God’s interpretation of their dreams, not their own. There is nothing wrong with a firm that is healthy, profitable, and sustainable led by an owner that seeks to trust, follow, and obey.

You don’t have to follow the path everyone else is on, especially if it’s not the path Jesus asks you to follow.

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