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The Two Questions You Must Ask About Yourself

When you’re asked to describe yourself in one or two words, what words do you choose?

That word or phrase forms a picture in the mind of the hearer. While we may pay close attention to what we say about ourselves and what others say about us, we often neglect to pay attention to how we are seen.

Jesus asked his disciples two questions: “Who do people say I am?,” and “Who do you say I am?” He wasn’t concerned about his personal brand, he was checking with his closest circle of companions to learn what they were hearing from the people.

These two questions are just as valid today as they were over 2000 years ago, especially on social media.

Are the words you use to describe yourself what you want to believe about yourself, or what you want others to believe about you?

Are you really a visionary or a “legacy builder?” Are you truly a strategic thinker, or is that word convenient to creating a persona?

Who do you say you are?

Even in a networked culture, we miss the connection of individuals who were like Jesus’ disciples or the apostle Paul’s close companions. We’re isolated, alone; busy doing our work while we craft an imaginary persona on social media.

Twitter, who do you say I am?

The photos we choose project a persona of how we want to be perceived. Yet every day, people you know stick with the generic ghost profile image on LinkedIn — the place where they are projecting a professional image.

Your picture is worth one thousand words.

Take a look at your profile picture that you use on your professional social media accounts. Who does it say you are? Ask your close associates, “Who does this say I am?”

LinkedIn, who do you say I am?

Ephesians is rich with language that affirms who you are: An adopted child of God; a brother to Jesus Christ, God’s Son; a masterpiece, created in the image of God and Spirit of Christ.

You are worth more than one thousand words. Let your words and the image you project reflect that.

Jesus, who do you say I am?

Let’s do away with the ghost images on LinkedIn. These alternative profile images are yours to use and share:

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