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  • Don’t Settle

    Even though the Bible commands us to be content with whatever we have (Philippians 4:11), that doesn’t mean we must be content, (or settle) for that which does not honor God.  Read More...

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    Remembering the Lost Voices

    It doesn’t matter if a person is liberal or conservative, raw or refined, irreverent or respectful. We’re all human, none of us are perfect. Our imperfections make us authentic.  Read More...

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    The Myth of Work/Life Balance

    Who we are and what we do are inseparable. We all need to rest, play, and work; could it be that the idea of work/life balance is a myth?  Read More...

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    Our Culture of Contradictions

    We cling tightly to that we think we own, forgetting we’re stewards of our blessings and ambassadors for Christ.  Read More...

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    Two Generations of Love

    The essence of what I learned is that in business you must be human. It’s not enough to be an entrepreneur or a maker or creator; you must care about what you do and for whom you do it.  Read More...

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