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What “Follow Me” Means for the Entrepreneur

Are you a rule-follower, a rule-bender, or a rule-breaker?

Are you a compliant person, or do you tend to be contrarian?

Do you prefer to follow or take charge?

Do you think inside the box, or outside the box? Is there even a box at all?

As an entrepreneur who follows Christ, how do you resolve the tension between leading and following? keeps rehashing the question “what are traits of successful entrepreneurs?” with different experts offering different perspectives: determined, risk-taker, confident, learner. Meh.

It turns out there’s some strong science behind the traits entrepreneur share: Joe Robinson shares these traits in his article, “The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs.”

It turns out that people like you and me are the most suitably wired to be an entrepreneur. We share traits such as tenacity, passion, a tolerance of ambiguity, vision, self-belief, flexibility, and rule-breaking.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that were lawbreakers (and if you are, I really don’t want to know). Being a rule-breaker means you’re willing to see things a different way, and do things in a way that defies conventional wisdom.

I like to think of it as seeing the world in a different way, and following a path that others might not follow.

And if you're like me, you don't like to ask for help, preferring to solve a problem or work out a solution on your own.

By nature, we’re wired to think differently: to be independent; to challenge the status quo, to be disruptive. That’s how we accomplish what we do, how we innovate, how we aspire to change the world.

We’re not wired to follow. We’re wired to lead.

As a believer and an entrepreneur, it’s a challenge to respond in an authentic way to the call of Christ to follow him. We’re not wired for submission, don't you agree?

Our stubborn desire to do things our own way manifests itself in pride. We don’t want to follow, we want to lead. We know there’s a better way, and we set about to make it happen.

The best leaders also happen to be good followers. Jesus followed the will of his father, fearlessly obedient until the end. It’s easy to talk about it; for us it requires submission, discipline, and commitment to put it into practice.

Your Heavenly Father is here to help you run your business, solve problems, create change. Let him help you, and quit being so stubborn.

Psalm 37:5 simply reminds us to commit everything to him. Trust him, and he will help you.

We like to think we're more sophisticated and smarter than we are. We're smart, we're hard working, but we're also his children. He calls to us.

A good leader isn’t afraid to be a good follower.

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