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Why Work Needs Truth and Beauty

Why should your work and entrepreneurial endeavors include the dimension of truth and beauty? How will work as a creative act make your work and life more meaningful?

Think about the art of business and the business of art. Don’t settle for bad design in business or within the church; for a one-dimensional experience of worship that centers on 20 minutes of song on Sunday morning, or live with a disconnect between your faith (theology) and work (the practice of your faith).

Embrace work as worship in its fullness. Within the body of Christ, your gifts are given to build the body (the Church), not only for you to earn a living. If the corporate or denominational expression of the Church doesn’t understand or allow you to share your talents or skills, the business expression of the Church does and wants you to.

You’re a valued member of the faith economy.

When you find a way to serve with your God-given gifts through your business (or art, or as an entrepreneur), you’ll find your calling, and you’ll begin to understand the value of work as worship. 

As Francis Schaeffer reminds us, “Christ redeemed the whole person,” not just the spiritual part.

It’s time to be made whole, in your thinking and your work.

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