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Work is Play

Does it seem like a lot of extra work to maintain a work/life balance? Do you really believe there is such a thing?

What if there isn't? What if you have one life, in which you work and play?

You grow up, go to college, get married, raise your families. And you work.

In today's culture, some of us live to work, and many work to live.

I think there's more to it than that. What if you approached everything you do with a sense of devotion?

Devotion to the purpose to which you are called; devotion to your family, devotion to your work? Devotion to serving the God who has redeemed you in everything you do?

Devotion. Pursuing your calling, whatever it is, with passion and purpose; finding meaning by living for something greater than yourself, and devoting your best to it?

We each have purpose and calling. In particular you, reading this now, have potential that is being fulfilled, or potential for which you are being prepared.

Your work is far more than the sum of what you accomplish. You have the opportunity every day to create change and impact by bringing value to whatever it is you're doing, or to whatever it is you're called.

Too often, we seek our worth in what we do and what we accomplish, instead of in the purpose for which we were created, which is simply to bring glory to God.

Instead of pursuing a self-centered work/life balance, let's begin from a different perspective.

Do you believe your work has meaning, or that you can find meaning in your work?

Do you believe you are created to bring glory to God? Do you believe he created you in Christ Jesus to create impact through a calling for which he has specifically and intentionally gifted you?

Do you believe you have specific gifts and experience that have prepared you to create value for others in ways that nobody else can?

Do you believe you are called to make a difference in this world? Do you have a clear purpose for living?

To whom or what are you devoted? Do you ask dangerous questions, pursue dangerous ideas, and blaze dangerous trails, all for the sake of whatever is true and honorable and right?

Do you pursue truth, purity, and beauty? Do you live and love dangerously, risking fear and rejection?

Are you comfortable living with the tension between the status quo and what could be? Or does it leave you yearning for something more?

You don't need anybody's permission to pursue your calling, or to find joy and meaning in your work, except your own. The Gospels are full of stories of Jesus breaking taboos in order to fulfill his calling; he labored for years as a carpenter.

So what are you waiting for? If you're waiting for permission to make a difference, save this article as a reminder that you don't need permission. You just need to decide to do it, one moment at a time.

That's where you begin to make work play, and bring a sense of devotion to all you do.

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